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You may have Your Own Private Personal Question.

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  • I feel a sense of loss – will this feeling ever pass?
• I lay awake at night and worry – will things ever be better for me?
• Will things in my life better?
• Will wedding bells ever ring for me?
• My man cheated on me -what should I do?
• What’s coming next for me in my life?
• I feel very low and down in myself – will I always feel this way?
• Will my financial situation ever get better?

• Will love be difficult to find?
• I feel very down in myself – will I always feel this way?
• Is my partner right for me?
• I feel torn between two choices in my life – which is right for me?
  • My relationship is in trouble – is it over?
• Is love always this difficult to find?
• In feel obsessive and jealous – is there another way to go?
• I am heart broken – will my heart ever heal?
• Financial worries are keeping me awake at night.
   Will things ever get better?
• I am obsessive and jealous – is there a new way for me to go?
• I want to feel true love. Will i ever know the feeling?
• Who am I compatible with in, in love and my relationships?
• Why do the same things keep happening to me? Will it change?
• I feel uncertain, unsure, I am worried about where my life is
   going.  Am I doomed?

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